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This one might have you scratching your head a bit – so I’ll cut right to the chase. Schizo cigars Columbus Ohio is a brand new release from Christian Eiroa, of Camacho fame. As a part of his new product line roll-out, he released this little number. It’s downright tasty, performs like a champ and is priced oh-so-right. The only catch is it’s a Cuban-sandwich style cigar crafted from the remnants of his new line Asylum. But Scout’s honor, you won’t even notice because each Schizo pumps out a a bevy of mellow flavors and billows of cool smoke. Mild to medium in body, each Schizo contains notes of leather, natural sweetness, cream, gentle spices, and a hint of cocoa. Highly enjoyable, Schizo is a Nicaraguan puro you can puff on all day long. And at my paltry asking price you can stock up until your heart’s content.

Schizo Cigars