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Opus X Cigars Columbus Ohio are the highest offerings from one of the leading cigar families in the world, Arturo Fuente, and as such they exemplify all the best ingredients, growing practices, and craftsmanship available. These cigars from the Dominican Republic contain the whole story of how dedicated cigar makers committed themselves to overcoming climactic challenges in order to take full advantage of some of the best soils in the tobacco-growing belt. The rich, fertile soils of this island nation have long been prized as the ground that nurtures robust, flavorful filler and binder tobacco.

A near perfect smoke, the Opus X Cigars Columbus Ohio offerings come in a range of sizes and lines. Each delivers full-bodied mouthfuls of flavor in every draw, with heady aromas to match. The construction of these hand-rolled gems is always exquisite, so the draw is smooth, the burn exceptional, and the entire experience a memorable one. Each label and vitola presents a fine variation on the Opus X flavor theme, exuding characteristic quality and consistency. The Opus X line is one world-class vintage smoke that lives up to its reputation every time.

Opus X Cigars